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Science Versus Religion: Shoop

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Science Versus Religion: Shoop Da Whoop!

Science Versus Religion: Darkwings Versus Yahweh

Science Versus Religion - Darkwings Versus Yahweh: Shoop CLICK ON IMAGE FOR ORIGINAL SIZE

The age old battle of Science Versus Religion has been raging on since the invention of God. Obviously Science came first, then some upstart developed the concept of worship and deities.

Here I have represented the Scientific method with a "Holy Trinity" of scientific legends of our time. Charles Darwin with his theory of Evolution, Stephen Hawking with his theory of the Big Bang, and of course Richard Dawkins with his tireless efforts to promote secular, scientific, logical, reasoning and free thinking amongst the Religious community.

God / Yahweh is represented by an image I found: http://puffin.creighton.edu/jesuit/andre/yahweh.html All glory to the original artist!

I really liked the anthropomorphising of the Hebrew lettering. I thought it fit the scheme well.

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  1. I fully respect all religions and once was religious myself (or brought up that way), but these days i firmly beleive that science wins a flawless victory over religion therfore i think your image is ace lol

  2. Have you been watching Richard Dawkins’ TV shows on More 4 recently? Me and Roger have and they’ve been brilliant! Next one is on next Wednesday and it’s all about Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution!

    Also Stephen Hawking has been all over the news and even took over Twitter’s trending topics for finally coming out as an atheist in his new book; The Grand Design. As he said “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.”, I’d have to agree.

  3. There is probably no God as such, but I definitely believe that Science doesn’t have all of the answers. If it did, we would have only Science teachers and no actual scientists. Religion is no longer relevant and is now probably one of the most destructive human creations; up there with the atomic bomb and discovery of fossil fuels.As far as science versus religion; let us all hope that science prevails against it’s antagonistic oppressor soon and throws off the shackles that religion placed upon it over so many years.

  4. TORTOISE (Hinduism) and DRAGON (Taoism) are symbols for ENERGY or WAVE, both are analog with MAGEN DAVID (Judaism). “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is the metaphor, also Thawaf seven times circling around the Ka’ba and Sa’i oscillating along “the sinus” Marwah-Shafa during rituals of the Hajj (Abraham).
    “A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME – From the Big Bang to Black Hole” by Stephen W. Hawking is the best scientific interpretation of AL QUR’AN by a non believer. It is also a “genuine bridge stone” for comprehensive study of Theology. Surprise, this paradox is a miracle and blessing in disguise as well. So, it should be very wise and challenging for Moslem scholars to verify my discovery.
    NeoSUFI visionary strategic thinking.

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