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Opinion is split and always shall be on everything ever; until somebody decides to mass dose the world with hallucinogenic drugs that is...

Michael Wharton 2010

The opinions expressed on this site are Michael Wharton's opinions on stuff and you might not agree with them, in which case feel free to leave a well thought out comment countering my opinion intelligently. If you agree with my opinion on something then don't be shy about commenting either!

If it wasn't entirely obvious, I am an anarchic, anti-capitalist, libertarian, pro-choice, secular humanist with a naturalist philosophy, encompassing science and the deductive reasoning of the scientific method who really can't stand labels like those at all. People don't fit neatly into little boxes together, ideas compete for attention and reverence amongst the masses and we celebrate our similarities by labelling ourselves together. I believe that these labels can be good for group cohesion, but unfortunately they are incredibly divisive too.

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  1. the website city of london counter terrorism directorate tried to censor and failed

  2. Having Fun? :)

  3. Hello Michael
    The background, after exposing a board member of the worlds largest reinsurance company for fiddling his expenses, being told by the MD of Kroll (the worlds largest Private Investigations company) that they had deep deep pockets and that they would f…. me like I had never been f…. before, then having my home, my office + accountants office raided by City of London Counter Terrorism Directorate.
    Then the board member resigns when he is investigated re his expenses, and I am not charged.
    I then talk about my treatment and I am rearrested.
    Since then my home has been broken into and my home bugged.
    Video of the break + bugging – http://www.policeexpenses.co.uk and http://www.ianpuddick.com.

    Imagine if I had done something serious !
    J Clarkson said they would need to get the army in to get me !!
    An update -

  4. Ian Puddick on Trial by Counter Terrorism Directorate
    15 June Westminster Magistrates Court 10am
    City of London Counter Terrorism Directorate & KROLL spend over £1m investigating Plumber Ian Puddick over his website http://www.policeexpenses.co.uk

    Ian is charged with creating a threatening harassing blog -
    Freedom of Speech is on trial
    Please support Ian Puddick Facebook and http://www.ianpuddick.co.uk

  5. Shocking new film Chris Plumley C4 Dispatches investigates City of London Police Corruption
    Operation Bohan – £1,000,000 of tax payers money wasted on a corrupt favour
    Preview http://www.policeexpenses.co.uk
    Ian Puddick.com

  6. I didn’t think you could be all those at once!

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