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Michael Wharton AKA Synonymous

Michael Wharton AKA Synonymous

Michael Thomas Wharton was born in 1984 in Manchester's St Mary's hospital. Michael Wharton was raised in Failsworth Oldham, attending St Mary's primary school until, aged 9, he moved with his family to Earley Reading. Here Michael attended Aldryngton Primary school and Maiden Erlegh Secondary school. Aged 15 his family upped sticks again and took a fantastic 6 month tour of Europe for some hands on education. After this voyage of discovery, his family ended up staying in Donegal Ireland with his Mother's family for Christmas. They all liked it in Ireland and ended up deciding to stay, they bought a house in Ballybofey and Michael Wharton attended St. Columba's College. After finishing school he decided that he wanted to go back to Manchester to study at University. To do this Michael took a year out to work at a local factory called Mulrine's. He moved with his sister to Manchester as they had both earned places at university there. Michael Wharton and his sister lived separately in different halls of residence and had many new friends to make. Michael dropped out and started working as a waiter and barman for Gilds Associates, as well as sometimes doing security for Ambassador Events. He then fell into a pyramid marketing scheme calling itself by many names such as G-Force Marketing, Primus UK, Pro-Sales, Cobra... the list goes on. After burning out from 72 hr weeks for 8 months straight Michael changed down a gear and became a charity fund-raiser for HomeFundraising, transferring his skills towards much more deserving causes. Michael Wharton represented charities such as the Association for International Cancer Research and Leonard Cheshire Disability. He learnt a lot about how charities operate, some are amazing but others can be appalling. Michael changed companies shortly before the downfall of Homefundraising, which was run pretty poorly, to work for Face2Face fund-raising. Big leap I know! Michael was stuck on the idea of doing a job that was morally beneficial, so after being let go due to poor economic turnover due to the general economy, he trained to become a care assistant. Michael Wharton has been looking for work as such ever since...


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Look it is that bearded weirdo Michael Wharton

Look! It's that bearded weirdo Michael Wharton!

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