Your Freedom: New Government Service Down?

There’s a new service out there for interactivism in Internetland causing a stir on all ends of the political spectrum. Your Freedom is Nick Clegg’s new initiative to get the public, the people, the voters, the interasctivists, more involved in the political process.

On the run up to the election I could already tell there was going to be an internet arms race for an advantage in the charm offensive. I think I even coined the hashtag #Twittocracy on @Twitter.

Anyway, I eagerly scoured the new service adding myself to various causes and concerns. It”s simpler to use and more intuitive to a social media user than the old site although both have their own unique merits.

Screen Capture of The Error page of Our Coalition Government's new "Your Freedom" service

Unfortunately, before I could do more rigourous testing of the functionality: The site went down.

…more on that story later…

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