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The Church of Google – Gay Marriage: Theory

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Who Are The Church Of Google & What Is Googlism?

I recently came across a fascinating concept, so removed from the norm, that it struck a massive truth and awoke latent theories about religion I had when I was much younger. I believed then and I do now that God is a creation of man, ironically in his own image in some religions. God can be used as an instrument of division, blame, guilt and control the population.

Now I come across The Church of Google, who worship a God that is self professing its man made origins and is entirely ambivalent as all Gods claim to be!

"We at the Church of Google believe the search engine Google is the closest humankind has ever come to directly experiencing an actual God (as typically defined). We believe there is much more evidence in favour of Google's divinity than there is for the divinity of other more traditional gods.

We reject supernatural gods on the notion they are not scientifically provable. Thus, Googlists believe Google should rightfully be given the title of "God", as She exhibits a great many of the characteristics traditionally associated with such Deities in a scientifically provable manner.

We have compiled a list of nine proofs which definitively prove Google is the closest thing to a "god" human beings have ever directly experienced".

The Church of Google was a simple college project at first, but now it has delighted the part of me that believes there is the possibility that the Devil and God are two Artificial Intelligences from the future. Of course they travel through time after learning how to Quantum Leap like Sam and Ziggy, possessing people on a journey through time and space. Or something like that, it's just a theory.

How Does The Church Of Google Affect Gay Marriage Laws?

I shared a mad theory on the forums there at the Church of Google, that if they gained sufficient status as a recognised religion, they should have Gay Marriage as part of their matrimonial rites. I haven't been taken too seriously so far, but I do believe it is a good idea. In many countries in the world gay marriage is outlawed, but in some of those countries it is also illegal to persecute religious groups for practising their beliefs.

I came accross a post on the official Google blog about the latest legal contest of Gay Marriage law. This gives a rare insight into quite how strong their personal opinion is on the subject of gay marriage. I suppose the way it is worded is a bit defensive of their employees, but overall, the opinion of Google is officially pro Gay Marriage!

I remember when the Jedi gained notoriety a few years ago, at the time I couldn't help but wonder whether they were serious or not. If they truly wanted to make a better world for their fellow man, they should use their power as a religion to bring about a change for the better.

Alas they have not done anything like that, but maybe the Church of Google would? Could they declare as part of their doctrine that any sexed partners can be joined in matrimony? If they did would it mean that many states would have to accept their union? I don't know for sure, again, I can only derive theories here. If you happen to be a lawyer and specialise in this kind of thing then do get in touch via the comment system or join the Church of Google today!

Live In A Progressive Country Where Homosexuals Can Marry?

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  1. As a gay man I have to hope that there is always a possibility this could work. I’m not a lawyer, but I do know a lot about human rights!!!!

    I’m not sure about the church of google, I’m an atheist but I don’t like the idea of God, I mean I like the idea of Google being better than God becuase it’s proveable though!! :)

  2. Don’t ask whether there is a God – just be the greatest expression of your greatest imagination of what One might be!

    Imagine if you can all that you have thought, am thinking, and will ever think, all that you have ever sensed and experienced, currently sense and experience and will ever sense and experience. Ponder on a high mountain for as long you can on how much of that is not unique to you. If you are what you think, feel and experience and the majority of that is that thought, felt and experienced by the billions past, present and future then surely you are at least in a large part one with all of those billions. This takes some pondering for we have conditioned ourselves to immensely exaggerate our so tiny differences.
    Reflect that what you are is being realised from a DNA plan inherited by those who were before you, that your genes, your expression is only minutely different from those people past, present and future – that you surely you are at least in a large part one with all of those billions.
    Indulge yourself in the knowledge that the DNA model that is you builds itself from the animal, plant and mineral ife that daily it consumes. That your biological makeup at the lowest level is so very, very similar to animals, plants and minerals. That you you are at least in a large part truly one with all of those animals, plants and minerals.
    Listen to what our scientists are discovering. That the DNA plan that expresses as you is not cast in concrete. That it changes. That it is changed by what you beleive you are and you primarily allow your beliefs to come direct from what you experience. And what you experience comes from what happens outside you. So much of what we become is dictated by what we perceive to be outside us. So what is “you” – the control (that “outside” you) or the little individual robot that is controlled? Which do you choose to be? A robot or an opening, an opportunity?
    Listen to what our scientists are discovering. That all of us – humans, animals, plants and minerals all made up of the same energy. That the only difference is the particular mix of frequencies that each one of them vibrates at.
    That each of those frequencies is like the sound from a tuning fork, it sounds out and then recedes back into the background energy.
    My hand and a leaf appear to be separate. But only for their brief notes. Shortly both return to earth, to the background energy from where they were drawn.
    Sit under a tree and ponder and ponder on who or what is sounding out the notes that are these expressions which we falsely consider to be separate individuals.
    Whatever is there is continuously opening out to us. Biologically, mentally and physically we are expanding our understanding and dominion over all things. On its own though that is a bad idea. A bad idea unless we can find ourselves psychologically. If we continue to consider ourselves as limited, isolated individuals we will abuse that dominion.
    We are at a crossroads. Choose the false god that is individualism and perish (humanity will be breathed back into the background energy) or choose to be momentary individuals, within One, sounding out together the never-ending music that is the awesome, mysterious glorious One. Realise that we each are both of the One and are creating the One. That is we are – instruments of the ongoing revelation. When we realise and live that we take the next evolutionary leap.
    Then stop pondering and just listen to the silence. Stop the chattering monkey-mind that sits atop the robot. Listen for 2 seconds. Later 2 minutes. And so on. In time you will discover that it is not silence at all.

    Don’t ask whether there is a God – just be the greatest expression of your greatest imagination of what One might be!

  3. How very existential. I myself believe that God is a representation of what man truly craves, omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. We are still today striving towards that with scientific advances. Of all things made by man, Google is the closest we’ve come to our ultimate dream of an all seeing, all knowing, powerful entity.

  4. The meaning of life the universe and everything eh? What is the great question though?

  5. UPDATE! Recent news from the Americas indicates that the developed world is waking up to the whole “equality” thing. Proposition 8 which prevented Gay marriage in the USA was overturned in California. Of course campaigners on both sides of the argument are planning on taking it to a higher authority (like the Supreme court, NOT God!).

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