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Here follow a list of some of the most awesome websites I have found while scouring the internet for entertainment. Please enjoy their Ultimate Internetage content as I have and remember There Is Always A Theory…

Roger Davies – My friend, housemate and web savvy guru Roger Davies is the kind person who generously allowed this site to fall into the wrong my hands!

Transient Motion – AKA James Webb, is also my friend and ex-housemate. James is DJ & producer of some of the finest most uplifting, and progressive trance music I’ve heard in Manchester.


Electronomist – AKA Dave Jones, like having a fourth housemate! Dave is a frequent guest at our house. He is also DJ & Producer of House, Techno, Electro, Trance and Hard Dance.


FurioTek – AKA Jack Hunt is a Cambridge born DJ & Producer of a Harder Edged sound, Techno and Euphoric Trance combined in a furious yet technical way! Now based in Northern Ireland.

Just By Chance – An internationally renowned acoustic duo Liz Owen & Andy Jones (Dave’s brother!). Take one part rock music, sprinkle with folk sensibilities and serve with tightly woven vocal harmonies.

The Chacers – A four piece punk rock/ new wave band that I hope to see live in the near future, promoted by another good friend of mine.

Zoo Case Theatre – Zoo Case Theatre, Puppetry, Artwork, Adventures involving The Chacer’s very own promoter Rosie Cotton.

Weebl’s Stuff – Funny Flash animations set to funky music!

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My Likes Sponsored Links

My Likes is a pretty new revenue generating pay per click service for social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Developed by (I checked) people who left prestigious positions at Google to work on this a separate project to Adwords and Adsense.

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As this is an archive of my old website much of which was built in 2010, it is full of broken links to websites that no longer exist! Check out the almighty Way Back Machine to see what they used to look like! If you would like to visit the up to date version, with well curated working links to websites that I still find interesting and relevant that still exist, please click the link below:


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