Michael Wharton Dot Co Dot UK is BACK!

Well, this part is at least. Its sort of back, in a hybrid of past, present, and future. This website is my past, when my blogging was heavily opinion, no matter how much I wanted there to be a theory. I had all of these problems to point out, but no solution to put forth, nothing that seemed like real solutions anyway. I was still formulating theories, and never brave enough to actually share them, and definitely too hesitant to censor myself to be an employable person. This is simple. When you are employable you are worthy. When you are not, your value is ascribed a value by your state, be that if you are a child in a country with child labour laws, or searching for a job due to being fired. This is usually much less than the minimum wage. I was very unemployed when I was writing a lot of these entries, I was also trying to practice my writing to try to write a book. Then I got burgled and my laptop was stolen. It happens, but it also happens to have had a few half baked thoughts of a book.

Skip forward to today. Now I am on another computer. It is here, I can see it. I won’t bother describing it to you, it’s just a computer. It can do a lot for a person though. Not gonna lie, it is a pretty sweet set up for a typist, and I can type. So anyway, I upgraded There is Always a Theory from a byline to a headline. It’s a website where you can share your thoughts, no matter how far outside the box you hail from. Text only, lots of it, however it will be peer reviewed, you may have someone correct your grammar, which is petty, but I will be proofreading your submissions for free. On top of that, anyone you show the article to will get to vote on it, and the overarching vote is how the submission will be displayed. Complete theoretical anarchy. What will the Internet share with http://www.thereisalwaysatheory.com ?

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