Raspberry Pi Time! With Raspberry Pi set-up & Unboxing Video

Our Raspberry Pi Has Arrived!

It came through the letterbox, like it was a letter, or a rented DVD. This was no regular post, this one came with Pi, Raspberry Pi. Roger had mail ordered it when it was first available for inquiry all those months ago, so did some people we know. The first batches were shipped and friends of ours got theirs and we were so jealous, now ours has arrived and we’ve been playing with it every day since.

Here are some close-up photos.

Close Up Photo of Raspberry Pi RCA video out & 3.5mm audio out
Close Up Photo of Raspberry Pi SD Card & Micro USB-2 Power Input
Close Up of Raspberry Pi HDMI port
Close up of Raspberry Pi USB ports & LAN Port
Top View of Raspberry Pi
Bottom View of Raspberry Pi

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